Weight Loss Essentials – Jon Bellis, Life Force Fitness

Do you want to lose weight but you’re not sure where to start?
Have you tried to lose weight before but failed?
Have you lost weight but then put it all back on?

There’s a lot of sensationalism, many fad diets and a great deal of misinformation in the weight loss industry, so it’s no wonder people aren’t sure what’s going to work for them. It really isn’t rocket science. It’s just about basic, sensible choices and habits.

Learn about the basic practices you should adopt if you want to lose weight successfully.

Download the presentation to learn more: Weight Loss Essentials

Jon Bellis – Life Force Fitness

Jon Bellis - Life Force FitnessJon is passionate about helping people be healthier and fitter. Given his background of unhealthy eating and being overweight and the transformation that he has made over the years, ultimately becoming a bodybuilder – his knowledge and experience is probably second to none when it comes to health and nutrition.

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