The Secret to Recruiting the Right Team

Your startup or small business is defined by the people you hire. Your team will be the difference between success and failure. They will guide your growth, boost your proposition and allow you to excel beyond your own capabilities. The issue is, hiring isn’t cheap. It’s also pretty time consuming too. If you hire the wrong person, it could have disastrous consequences. Here are some vital tips to guide you to recruiting the right team.

Be Honest About What You Can Afford

“Make key hires that can fill skill gaps and complement existing staff to help you reach the next level” – Zac Williams, Founder and Director of GradTouch.

Are you ready for the commitment of hiring a full-time employee? Can you afford to hire someone full-time? Don’t naturally jump for a permanent hire immediately, it’s not your only choice. 67% of European startups are now harnessing the power of freelancers like never before. In fact, opting for freelance talent has numerous benefits:

  • There’s no need for long-term commitment
  • You can use people with both experience and expertise
  • You can tap into a variety of talent
  • You can increase or decrease freelance involvement to meet demand

Hire Skills You Need

“Growth is not just about profit; bigger budgets allow us to use skilled freelancers, increasing the quality of our output” – Graeme McGowan, Creative Partner at Jamhot.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team? What does your business need to succeed? Many small companies are built around the skills of their founders. When growing, a brand needs to look at what skills will take them to the next level. Analyse every aspect of your business and find out where you’re lacking. Think outside the box, business development is just as important as product design.

Explore All Channels

“Utilise specialist websites for your industry can give quicker access to appropriate skills” – Gary Cassey, MD of Cass Productions.

If you do decide to recruit a new team member, consider how you’re going to actually do this. Can you afford the fees of a recruitment agency? Is your vacancy going to get noticed on a large job board? Often niche, specialised job boards are the best option for startups or SMEs.

Don’t forget to look towards your network when advertising your vacancy. Your LinkedIn community can be a great place to begin searching for candidates. It’s worth advertising relevant positions on social media too. With social recruiting booming in popularity, it’s common for candidates to seek positions on social media.

Have you got anyone in your team who could develop into the role you’re currently recruiting for? Internal promotions could be the answer you’re searching for.

Scrutinise Applicants

“99% of being successful is about having the right attitude. Those people can learn new skills” – James Vizor, CEO of Rule Recruitment.

Before you invite anyone in for an interview, you need to consider what type of person you’d like to bring into your team. When considering this, it can be worthwhile looking towards what other successful companies search for in their candidates. For instance, Sir Richard Branson explains there are three key characteristics that he want in his applicants. These are:

  • People skills
  • Risk-taking
  • Optimism

It’s also important to think about how your brand is viewed. Employer branding is a huge topic for discussion at the moment. This term refers to the way your company is portrayed through the application/recruitment process. For instance, what does your job ad say about your company’s culture? What does your interview tell the candidate about you as a boss? You should portray your company and values honestly so you can attract candidates who will relate to and understand your position.

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