Julie Futcher

Julie has 23 years experience within a sales role, both in business to business and also business to consumer. During her career she has successfully trained many individuals to sell by developing their own style but using tried and tested sales techniques. Julie understands how daunting it can be to have to pick up the telephone or meet with clients/customers face to face with the view of interesting them in the product or service that is being offered.

Julie established The Sales Manager to support and train business owners who are not natural sales people. She also provides a sales support service which provides telesales/telemarketing, assisting in managing sales staff, help with setting and managing KPI’s and well as one to one coaching.

Fantastic workshop. As someone new to sales I really got an insight into how to sell in the 21st century. Julie was absolutely brilliant, certainly knows her stuff. This workshop is an easy 10 out of 10, if you want to know about selling she has got to be the go to, cannot praise her enough.

Steve Jones - Genesis Therapy
Steve Jones

It was a brilliant learning experience. Julie was excellent and very insightful. I have had good sales training from IBM and MRI, but I still learned a lot of new things.

Elizabeth Will, FES Hire
Elizabeth Will

Julie delivers this course in a personable and informative manner. Having not had a sales background, I now feel positive about selling my business, and the services I can offer, in a much more confident way.

Kate Denne - KDVA
Kate Denne

I found this to be a very worthwhile workshop. It has helped me to understand the value of me, and made me realise that by making assumptions I was putting myself at a disadvantage. It also taught me not to be afraid of asking why, when following up with a prospect.

Eleanor Lester - Shrewd PR
Eleanor Lester

Julie cut to the chase. I came out from the session with positives to do. It wasn’t just theory, it was practical ways to move forward with sales and how to achieve what you wanted from potential business.

Janet Braunston - Braunston Print
Janet Braunston

Julie’s training style is terrificrelaxed, informative, humorous, inclusive, collaborative. She also made repeated complimentary references to the expertise of the individual participants, making each of us feel special.

Stephen Church - Copywriter Pro
Stephen Church

An intimate workshop that allowed all in attendance to discuss and work through how to ‘really’ apply some of the fantastic sales tools and techniques Julie shared with us. Julie has a relaxed and natural style that not only put the whole group at ease but also delivered a good mix of theory as well as practical elements.

Julie really knows her selling skills. I could have listened to her all day!

I am not a natural salesperson but I can solve problems. Julie’s course gave me confidence that I’m doing ok and with a few tweaks I can do even better.

The Building A Sales Pipeline workshop is an absolute must for new businesses, but can work as a refresher for more established ones. I got so many great tips and insights from both Julie Futcher and the other participants.

Marie-Louise O'Neill - Lovely Designs
Marie-Louise O'Neill

Julie’s Building A Sales Pipeline course was just what I needed. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Julie reassured me that I wasn’t too far out with what I was already doing. She showed me a way of bringing everything together so I had a complete picture of what was happening and I what I need to do to keep things going. Julie’s easy styleencouraged discussion, giving us the benefit of other viewpoints and experiences. If you are unsure about how a sales pipeline works or how to improve your existing pipeline, then I recommend this course.

Julie delivered the workshop in a fun and friendly way. It was very interactive, which I sometimes shy away from, but not this time! Julie gave me the confidence to just put my thoughts forward and have my say!-Thank you Julie.

Tracy Hazelgrave - IHC
Tracy Hazelgrave

Being able to identify where you get your work from, how long it takes to get that work and therefore where you may have issues with sales/money coming in is invaluable when running your own business. Julie makes the concept easy to understand for anyone who isn’t an expert in sales. Her training is fun and this is infectious amongst her participants and her courses are therefore immensely enjoyable and recommended.

Sue Pardy - Face2Face HR
Sue Pardy

For people with no sales background this excellent workshop has content which is easy to understand, practical and straightforward to implement.

Don’t be scared of the pipeline – embrace it – sales are all about practice and Julie is a PRO! Great examples and also she listens to what you need from the session! Great person to have as your ally!

Alice Gadney - Silver7 Mapping
Alice Gadney