Living On Purpose

Excel Personal DevelopmentMany avoid dreams and goals because it exposes their lack. For many, extinguishing their dreams has the ‘advantage’ of extinguishing their lack as well.

This is a very high price to pay. Dreams and goals fuel your inspiration and inspiration leads to anticipation and excitement.

Imagine having dreams and goals that get you up every morning with a spring in your step – strong plans that pull you through bad days and a sense that you are ‘living on purpose’.

Plans and dreams that engage you now – not ‘offset’ your joy to some future point.

In the Living On Purpose workshop, you will see that goals and dreams can be the blueprint for reality – they can fill you with a sense of inspiration, excitement and anticipation – they lead to a life of joy – to follow your bliss.

Notes from Les Larkins presentation at the NN coNNect Lite launch: