How I Learned To Love That Phone – Kieron Murphy, Star Virtual Office

Kieron has been working in the call centre industry for longer than he cares to admit.  He started on the phones, then worked his way up to Team Leader, Project Manager, Consultant, Trainer, and Interim Manager.  Over that time, he has made and/or listened to tens of thousands of calls, so has a very keen sense of what works and what doesn’t work on the phone.

“I often meet business owners who say they’ve got a great product, but they hate picking up the phone, especially if they have to call an important prospect.  Say for example, you want to speak with the buyer for your type of product at Sainsburys.  It is nerve-wracking – and always will be”.

So here are 5 Top Tips for when you have to make that important call, particularly to a larger organisation: How I Learned To Love That Phone

Kieron Murphy - Star Virtual OfficeKieron Murphy, Star Virtual Office

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