How Do You Solve Your Problems?

Les Larkins Excel Personal DevelopmentWhether you have personal or business problems the impact on how you feel is probably the same. Having a way to get you through the problems you are facing could alleviate your feelings, find a solution and move you forward in life.

Consider the following problem solving sequence to help you, it’s called A.G.A.T.E. and is contributed by NN coNNect member Les Larkins of Excel Personal Development:

A – Accept. This isn’t the same as abdicate. It simply means accepting the condition and where you’re at right now. I use it to prevent me fighting against it because everything I’ve read and experienced tells me that fighting it is not going to work.

G – Grateful. I know this may sound odd, but try and find reasons to be grateful. I can find reasons to be grateful that I have ME – it has given me an insight into my wife’s menopausal condition, an opportunity to live more in the moment rather than living in the future, the opportunity to learn new skills like patience. Most of all, I am enthusiasm driven and it’s given me the opportunity to write this article and feel like I have a new purpose. If you can’t feel grateful about the condition, maybe you could be grateful for a beautiful sunny day or the fact that you live in this country – recent scenes on the news aren’t showing people trying to escape the UK are they? It’s simply about finding ways to expand the positive and minimise the negative.

A – Allow. Allow the acceptance and gratitude to melt any internal resistance that you feel. It will make you feel lighter and uplifted. Your body is in a much better place to do what it can to heal itself when you are free of resistance – what I mean is that a whole lot happens when you’re in ‘fight or flight’ mode and your bodies’ complex systems are being diverted away from their usual maintenance and repair tasks for example.

T – Thankyou. Find someone you can thank. I have become a very spiritual person over the last five years and find it very easy to thank God for my blessings – of which I have many. But I also thank my wife for the love and support she gives me daily or I could thank any of the mentors and role model that inspire me. Finding someone to thank will help to keep you positive.

E – Evolve. One of the things I believe is that we all have a purpose. It could be to help the many or the few or jut to help ourselves lead a joyful and rewarding life. A natural consequence of this is that we will help uplift others. By completing the previous steps we are now helping ourselves to find and follow a path of our choosing.