• Do you feel lost in a room full of strangers?
  • Do people remember you after they’ve met you at a networking event?
  • Do people say “how interesting” when you explain what you do?
  • Do people want to arrange to meet you again?
  • Most importantly – do you know the 10 commandments of networking?

If you’re new to networking or just think you could get more from attending such events if you just knew how, then this is the workshop for you. All for only £40 (free to Connect Networking™ members).

Learn alongside others in a safe and fun environment who feel just the same:

  • Which type of networking is best for you and your business
  • How to act to make a positive impact on the other people
  • How to present your business so that others will refer you to your ideal clients
  • How to feel more confident to network with a wide range of people

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Even though I’ve been on the circuit for over 4 years, I’ve learned fresh information & also was reminded of things I’d conveniently forgotten. This course should be a must for those embarking on business networking as part of their marketing strategy.

This workshop should be compulsory for all networkers. It is so insightful in how to do networking correctly to get the most out of it. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to gain from networking and generate more business to attend this event.

Although I’ve been networking for 10 years, this seminar has given me strategies to use on a couple of areas I struggle with. Thoroughly recommended!

Andy Gosling - Elysium Onlone
Andy Gosling

Relaxed and enjoyable. Full of good information and pitched at the right level.

Steve Jones - Genesis Therapy
Steve Jones

As someone who has networked for 7+ years I gained some important information from this workshop; for example guidelines for an effective 45 seconds and setting a goal for each meeting.

Very useful introductory session and refresher on how to maximise the effectiveness of my networking efforts.

Rob Purdie - Alchemetrix
Rob Purdie

Succinct – relevant and well presented.

A very useful introduction to networking and all the do’s and don’ts. I learnt a lot today and feel more confident going on the networking rounds.

Marie-Louise O'Neill - Lovely Designs
Marie-Louise O'Neill

As a “seasoned” networker it can be easy to fall into bad habits and forget the real reason for attending networking. This well thought out workshop reminded me of the essential elements to use for successful networking.

Dee Cox - Mindworks Therapies
Dee Cox
Mindworks Therapy

An extremely helpful training session that helps you reflect on the role and purpose of networking and how to best make effective use of your 45 second elevator pitch. Excellent advice offered along with the opportunity to develop your self-confidence, skills and techniques.

This course is well worth the investment of time. Not only for ‘newbie networkers’ but an opportunity for ‘old sweats’ to re-focus and re-energise. Excellent!

3 hours of gold! This is a must attend event for people, who like myself struggle with there 45/60 seconds pitch. I personally feel more confident in delivering my 45 seconds in a succinct manner without waffling on!

Tracy Hazelgrave - IHC
Tracy Hazelgrave

Highly recommended. Really useful training: great insights, well delivered about all sorts of factors which I am sure will help make my networking activities more valuable and effective.

This course meant networking was broken down into easy to digest chunks. As a newbie to networking I found it very useful and now don’t feel daunted by those morning meetings and standing up in front of everyone to say my 45 seconds.

Courtney Lott - The Sales Manager
Courtney Lott

Even as someone who has networked for a number of years, I learned a lot. I had been thinking about my introduction and elevator pitch for a while and had tried a number of things, but this definitely helped meby giving me a structure which I can easily mould in any situation to create a compelling introduction to a room.

Aaron Wood - Wood IP
Aaron Wood

Great event. Really useful information which enabled me to put together a far more effective 45 sec pitch than I have been using.

Anna Perry - Wood IP
Anna Perry

Brilliant course for anyone who feels they are just rambling through networking without getting results.

Joe Gilbert - Red Giraffe
Joe Gilbert

Jacky has a wealth of knowledge and experience she is willing to share with the group. Whether you are an old hand or a complete beginner to networking you are bound to find useful content. The setting is relaxed, open and honest and provides a good forum for sharpening you networking skills.

Interesting and informative. Everyone is in the same boat as yourself regardless whether you are new to networking or have being doing it for some time. Nice to know your not alone.

Helpful in knowing what information you need for your 45 second pitch, and how long it should be.

If you didn’t learn anything or take anything away from the workshop then you must be fantastic at networking.

Karyn Henderson
Karyn Henderson
Virtual Assist Office Support

This workshop really helped me to understand how to build business relationships through networking, and gave me constructive and supportive advice on crafting a 45 second introduction which tells the audience what they want to know.

Kate Servant - Fenchurch Green
Kate Servant

For anyone new to networking or that wants to gain more of an understanding into networking, this is for you. I have come away feeling more confident with much more of an understanding. Hugely recommend.

Charlotte Holder - Jervis & Partners
Charlotte Holder

This event was very useful for a newbie to networking like myself. It gave me confidence and tools to use when out and about.

It’s several years since I attended this course, was it worth doing it again, Hell Yes.
Over the last few years many of the hints and tips had been forgotten, it was
brilliant to get a refresher.

Time well spent – re-enforcing the aims and purpose of business networking. Excellent tips, practical advice and ‘hands on’ suggestions re how to maximize attendance at any networking meeting.

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