Focus On: One Day Web

Simon LanghamNN coNNect member, Ogo Ogbata of Creativity & Sense, caught up with fellow members Simon Langham and Jamie Rae at a recent One Day Web open day. Enjoy the interview.

Question: Thanks for inviting me to your open day. What do you guys do here?

Answer: We create websites for business owners and start-ups – custom coded websites with bespoke photography and video all in one day! We do this from our modern studio here in the Kettering town centre in the UK.

Question: Wow, that sounds amazing. So how does it actually work?

Answer: We invite the client to a day out to work on the website from 8am to 6pm. Our clients are well taken care of. We offer them a friendly service plus champagne and lunch at the nearby Kino Lounge all inclusive.

Question: Sounds yummy and very unique. What inspired you guys to do this?

Answer: When we were renovating the studio, Simon was getting grumpy because he was creating websites for business owners via his other company. So he said, “I’m getting really frustrated with clients not providing me with the content I need to finish these websites. If I had all the content I needed, I could do it all in a day.”

So I said; “Are you telling me that if the client was here and could provide all the content, the website could be done in a day?”

Needless to say, the business name came in 30 seconds. One Day Web.

A week later, we handpicked 3 local businesses who needed websites and were keen to take advantage of the opportunity. They came here as strangers and left as friends!

Question: Fascinating. So what happens after the VIP Day?

Answer: After the VIP Website Building Day, clients are invited to join our private Facebook community where we continue to educate them on how to maintain and promote their websites.

In 10 hours, they get what they would normally get in 4 to 8 weeks or longer. Plus photography and video. We are offering a top quality custom coded website built using MODX CMS.

Question: So, how long have you two known each other?

Answer: We have known each other since our secondary school days here in Kettering; since we were 11 years old or so. We still live in Kettering too.

Question: When you are not building websites in a day what do you do for fun?

Answer: Jamie enjoys drawing, reading, martial arts and running. Simon enjoys building websites for fun. Haha. Okay, plus coding, Star Wars geekiness and National Trust Tours with his family.

You can find out more about Jamie and Simon’s work at: