Focus On: Lynda Buntin, WPA

Focus On: Lynda Bunitn, WPAThanks to Ogo Ogbata, Creativity and Sense, here is another spotlight on an NN coNNect™ member – this time Lynda Buntin, WPA, who provide expert advice and guidance on affordable, appropriate access to health insurance plans for companies, self employed and individuals.

Q1: The Business: What is your business called and what exactly do you do?

As a Senior Partner with WPA Healthcare Practice, I advise business owners on their options for healthcare plans whether for themselves, their families or their firms. This can provide choice over how they are treated when they fall ill with access to quick diagnosis and/or private treatment with the best medical teams and in the best private hospitals.

Q2: Please tell us about you. Mention at least 3 interesting things about you (e.g. with regard to family, interests, travel, world view etc.) as well as what you did for a living before starting your own business.

I worked with my husband in a small company and also was responsible for buying private medical insurance for a private local company for almost 20 years. I love to travel and the success of my business has allowed me to indulge this passion and visit far corners of the globe. Friends and family are my joy, I have a married daughter and young grandson who mean the world to me. Hosting gatherings, parties and lunches or dinners to keep in touch with friends and family as often as possible is something I enjoy as well as cycling and walking for fitness.

Q3: The Past. What were the highs and lows of your previous career? What inspired you to start your own business and when did it dawn on you that you just had to make that transition?

The only low must have been starting out seven years ago when everything was new and challenging. There is only one way and that is up! Seeing the positive effects of having private health insurance versus the limits of reliance on the NHS leads me to offer choice. Consistent year on year increases provided the proudest moment of “Franchisee of the Year” award in 2013 and subsequent appointment in 2014 as Senior Partner in the Midlands/North region.

Q4: The Journey. Tell us about the blood, sweat and tears you oozed in your quest! What have been your biggest challenges so far? Did you start the business from home, from your car, a sick-bed, with little money and no support from others? Did you grapple with cut-throat competition, perhaps?

Initial dedication to the role meant long days and consolidated effort with very little time out. A family loan allowed me to take on the franchise for my area and develop the business from a small start increasing more than seven fold over seven years. I have applied perseverance, persistence and passion to my role in the firm belief that we all deserve the best that we can afford when it comes to our health.

Q5: The Success! How did you turn things around for the better? What are the biggest successes you have achieved? What exciting projects are you working on now? What makes it all worthwhile?

Consistent belief in the value of the WPA Plans and how they are tailored to suit the needs of the individual, family or company. Knowing the help that can be provided when members fall ill and hearing their gratitude to the fact they have cover and can seek the necessary treatment without undue delay. Tenacity and gratitude!

Q6: The Lesson. If you could do it all again, what would you do bigger, better, quicker or just differently?

Work smarter not harder and work with a coach with from beginning (I waited 18 months before seeing the light)

Q7: The Network: What do you like best about NN coNNect™?

The friendly supportive environment and self-improvement and training provided by Paul in a relaxed way. The freedom to roam across many groups to pick the most convenient location for the business appointments that follow.