Focus On: Jenny Hall, Aloe4Living

This is a first in a series of spotlights on NN coNNect™ members – the interviews kindly conducted by Ogo Ogbata, Creativity & Sense.

NN coNNect - Jenny Hall, Aloe4LivingJenny Hall, Aloe4Living

Q1: What is your business called and what exactly do you do?

My business name is Aloe4Living, but I actually operate under the umbrella of Forever Living, the world’s leading producer of aloe and beehive-based health, nutrition, skincare, beauty and sports nutrition products. I help people with their health and wellbeing but I also help people change their lives by showing them a remarkable business which can generate them a full-time income for working flexible part-time hours around their family and other commitments.

Q2: Please tell us about you. Mention at least 3 interesting things about you (e.g. with regard to family, interests, travel, worldview, etc.) as well as what you did for a living before starting your own business.

I’m a mother to two grown-up sons and a grandmother to the most beautiful little girl in the world, I’m originally from Cornwall and my favourite place in the world (an iron age settlement on the West Penwith moors called Carn Euny) is there.

My other favourite place is Egypt, which has always fascinated me.

My world view is European and international and liberal.

I have had many jobs in my life – shop assistant was the first when I was 14!), waitress and chambermaid, office admin, technical translator (French and Russian), programmer, IT trainer and, last of all, managing IT support teams – no fun.

Q3: The Past. What were the highs and lows of your previous career? What inspired you to start your own business and when did it dawn on you that you just had to make that transition?

One low which prompted me to start my own business was 2 redundancies in 10 months; it made me realise that I didn’t really enjoy my work, although turning around a failing IT support department was satisfying, it was stressful, with long hours and little security. The second low made me realise that I just needed to get out and grow my business, which I had been working alongside my busy career, I was de-motivated and burnt-out in my job and leaving was the best thing I ever did.

Q4: The Struggle. Tell us about the blood, sweat and tears you oozed in your quest! What have been your biggest challenges so far? Did you start the business from home, from your car, a sick-bed, with little money and no support from others? Did you grapple with cut-throat competition, perhaps?

I think the biggest challenge for me was my own mindset and the biggest reward has been learning how the change that. I don’t have the problems of a conventional start-up – the investment was tiny and the training, support and friendship have been amazing.

Q5: The Success! How did you turn things around for the better? What are the biggest successes you have achieved? What exciting projects are you working on now? What makes it all worthwhile?

I didn’t quit! I learnt the skills, learnt about myself, changed what needed to change and I love what I do. My biggest success is my amazing team, I have to remind myself that I helped build this team; of course their success is down to their own hard work, but seeing them achieve their goals is what makes it all worthwhile.

Q6: The Journey. If you could do it all again, what would you do bigger, better, quicker or just differently?

Definitely quicker; I’d get much, much more excited about what I can offer people!

Q7: What do you like best about NN coNNect™?

No question, the people I have met.