NN coNNect FAQsHere are some frequently asked questions that may address some of the things you are unsure of about Connect Networking™. If your question is not answered, then simply email it to faq@connectnetworking.uk.

How often are the meetings?

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All breakfast meetings are on a fortnightly cycle, the evening groups are monthly as are any lunchtime meetings. Details here.

How many people attend?

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The different locations vary. The minimum number at each meeting is 12, the maximum is 30.

Who can attend?

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Any business can attend – there is no lock out i.e. one place per sector. Connect Networking™ believes in choice and healthy competition.

How much do meetings cost?

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Your investment for each meeting is only £16 which includes food and refreshments. There is a money back guarantee if you do not find the meeting of any value to you.

Are you only in Northamptonshire?

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There are other groups in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Market Harborough; with Rugby, Coventry and Leicester on the horizon.Connect Networking™ is looking to expand the concept outside of the county and is interested in people looking to set up a networking group in any other county – details here.

Do you have to be a member to attend?

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No – you can attend a total of 3 meetings at any location before you need to consider membership options. This is to allow you to experience what Connect Networking™ is like, which group you prefer and whether you believe this style of networking will work for your business.

How much is membership?

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There is no annual membership or joining fee, you just pay a monthly subscription of £26 per month. Any additional meetings outside of your monthly fee is £16. You can cancel your subscription at any time – you are not tied into an annual contract. Join now.

Why Connect Networking™ versus other groups?

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Connect Networking™ has a number of unique elements compared to other national and independent networking groups. There is a fortnightly business growth video (reviewed at the meetings but available to all members), 1-to-1 meetings are managed in advance and can be booked online and there is a “hot seat” at each meeting; an opportunity to bring a business related question to the assembled “brain trust” at each meeting to support you.

There is also no obligation to attend each meeting and no pressure to refer.

When you become a member you get access to all member’s contact details, a mass email system to communicate to all members, ongoing promotion on social media and many other benefits.

Can I pay on the door?

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If you are new to Connect Networking™ then you will have to pay online. This is partly due to new visitors booking on historically without paying and not turning up on the day with the venue sill having to be paid. Once you become a member, you can pay on the door at meetings with cash, card or cheque.

Do I have to book onto a meeting?

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Yes please. As numbers need to be given to each venue in advance and there are various logistical elements for each meeting e.g. name badges, 1-to-1 pairings, room layout – then you should register online for each meeting you wish to attend.

What are the benefits of membership?

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There are many benefits of becoming a member of Connect Networking™:

  • Access to all member contact details
  • Mass email facility
  • £400 of free training
  • Opportunity for a presentation slot at any meeting
  • Managed 1-to-1s, book online
  • Promotion on social media
  • Book online without payment
  • Annual member engagement survey – have your say about Connect Networking™: NN Voice
  • Membership includes all groups
  • No contract/tie in – cancel membership at any time

Why do you claim you are the number 1 group in Northamptonshire?

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This article published on LinkedIn pretty much sums up the reasons and justifications.

I know that it may seem arrogant but I believe that Connect Networking™ offers the best value compared to other networking groups across the county (including free ones!).

There is the most choice of networking meetings to attend compared to other groups and as a member you belong to all of then automatically.

Add to that nearly 170 members (as of December 2017) and the benefits outlined in the above question, then this justifies the claim.