Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Kevin Robinson – Once upon a time – why story telling is the new advertising

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  • Dec 12, 2018
    12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


  • Kevin Robinson - 13 Media
    Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson was raised in a ‘Coronation Street’ style northern town and left school with no real qualifications onto the recession hit 1980s. After many redundancies, he moved to Oxfordshire in UK and then Southern European Marketing management roles in the computer industry dealing with multimillion-dollar distribution channels. After over a decade in senior marketing and sales roles, he re-evaluated his life and retrained as a media producer before taking an MA in television writing. He now uses his experience and storytelling skills to help small business succeed with realistic marketing planning and cost-effective productions.

What this session will cover:

  • In my castle – What does ‘story’ mean for a story startup or SME
  • The inciting incident – Principles of real storytelling and why they are important to small business and your brand
  • On a quest – How to be the hero and kill the ancient advertising and marketing Dragon
  • Magic wands and a horse called social media – why you shouldn’t listen to everything you are told about the alchemy of social media and video turning your marketing into gold
  • The hero returns – planning your storytelling and how to avoid the traps

What you will leave with:

We hear the words ‘story marketing’ a lot these days but before you can really use it yourself (or decide to give to someone to do for you) you need to understand what it really means.

This session is a whistle-stop tour through something that is often misunderstood – what ‘story’ actually is and how it can really be applied to a business.

The session is perfect for smaller SMEs, sole traders and start-ups because it takes the principles of story and encourages them to first apply them to their own business and then look practically at how it can be used.

It is essentially a blueprint to create the basics of an affordable and achievable marketing plan that avoids the shiny, and expensive, traps such as thinking social media and video are some kind of magic wand to slay your personal business marketing dragon.


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