Connect Daventry

For business owners in Daventry and the surrounding area, Connect Daventry business networking provides the ideal vehicle to meet like-minded people to generate referrals, identify suppliers and get useful tips and advice to help grow your business.

Presenting Yourself Effectively (limited to 8 people)

Whether it is a prospect meeting, a networking elevator pitch or a formal presentation – this workshop (worth £150) will help you present yourself in an effective way; building your confidence for any situation. This is not about PowerPoint but an understanding of why presentation skills are important in terms of business. This workshop will …

Connect Consultant Northampton (by invitation only)

An exclusive, invitation-only event for consultants. The speaker for the event is Tristan Allen, Room 44, on the topic of “Managing Risk With Innovation”. As a consultant, you will be introducing new ideas and innovation to your clients’ businesses. Tristan will walk you through how you prepare yourself and your client to manage the risk …

Connect MK

The first venture outside of Northamptonshire, this meeting is typically attended by 20-24 business owners.

Connect Northampton

Connect Northampton is currently the largest group and regularly reaches capacity (30 people); so early booking is advisable.

Connect Consultant MK (by invitation only)

An exclusive, invitation-only event for consultants. Guest Speaker: Paul Aggett is the new Learning and Development Lead at 2 sisters. He will look at the customer perspective in terms of what he looks for in choosing consultants and trainers and how to best present yourself to win the business and to ensure you retain more. …