NN coNNect Coaching CircleYour business only evolves if you take action (ideally guided by a business plan) in order to achieve the objectives you have set out for yourself.

As a small business owner, working in your business, sometimes it may feel like the business is running you rather than the other way around and this gets in the way of being able to move your business forward.

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Therefore having someone take you out of your business to start working on your business, to hold you to account for the actions that you have committed to do, could be an invaluable resource.

Add to that the benefit of working with other like-minded business owners in a confidential environment to help with your ideas and business issues and what you come up with is the “Coaching Circle”:

  • Monthly group meeting
  • Maximum 4 people per group
  • Email/telephone support
  • Coaching/Mentoring & Guidance

Cheyne Walk Club Northampton NN coNNectMeetings are held at the Cheyne Walk Club, Northampton.

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