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What Is Your Strategy?

Download the What Is Your Strategy? action sheet. (You may also find Connect member Andy Mee’s post on Why Strategy Is Important of interest).

The Essential Guide to Start-Up Funding Stages

Getting together the funds for your start-up can be a tough ordeal, regardless of which funding cycle stage you’re currently in. Serious financial backing is paramount to the longevity of any business and is a key factor in development and expansion. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and hints you can adopt to help boost …

Innovate UK’s Essential Tips to Defining Your Business Model

Defining your business model is the single most important step on the path toward making a success of your business. An effective business model covers the requirement for successful business operations, revenue source identification, audience targeting, product/service offerings and so much more besides. It is, in essence, the blueprint upon which your business will be …