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Change For The Better
Virginia Hayden
Therapy and coaching for personal and business life. Offered to individuals and to organisations.
01327 312981
07817 051276
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Genesis Therapy
Steve Jones
Solution focused hypnotherapy
01536 238618
07484 234130
Inspired To Change
Caroline Prout
07729 801247
Inspired To Change
Carmen Wilson
Inspired to Change Hypnotherapy specialise in working with people, just like you, who are suffering from stress and anxiety, who have lost their confidence, who don’t feel they are coping well and who feel stuck. We use modern, clinically proven techniques to work with you and help you get your life back on track – feeling happy, confident and looking forward to a positive future without any need to revisit the past.
07817 387559
Judith Hanson Hynotherapy
Judith Hanson
07881 620586
Support people to overcome challenges, fears, phobias, or bad habits, that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Empower people to achieve goals and live the life they want with no limitations.
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