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Connect Networking™ is the leading business networking group in Northamptonshire; providing fortnightly breakfast meetings and monthly evening meetings where like-minded business owners can come together to listen, learn and share their ideas. Building on this success, Connect Networking™ is continuing to expand outside of the county. Take a look at the selection of meetings available.

The face (for radio) behind Connect Networking™ is profitability expert and author, Paul Green. Born and bred in Northamptonshire, he is passionate about making a contribution to the local economy by helping small business owners grow and be better at what they do.

Paul has been an independent business advisor since 2003 when he exited the corporate rodent race and decided to apply the skills and knowledge acquired over the years to the SME sector.

Running your own business is not easy and it can be a lonely and frustrating place to be when the buck ultimately stops with you. Having an ear to bend or a shoulder to cry on can be of great benefit to keep you focused on moving your business forward.

It is very much about taking action in your business and this is what Paul brings to the table through his practical, hands on business advice.

There is also no reason why you can’t have fun at the same time as making sure that there is not too much month left at the end of the money!

So if you’re a business owner, ambitious about growing your business and maybe have a few hurdles to overcome then give Connect Networking™ a try. Book now.

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