Connect Networking - building a stronger, supportive community

Not all business networking is the same. Connect Networking is a blend of business, education and social for ambitious business owners. Including some unique elements: fortnightly business growth video, "hot seat" and managed 1-to-1 meetings.

What makes Connect Networking different?

Here are some of the benefits to being a member.

Nearly 170 members
When you become a member you get access to all current members through a smart phone app that allows you to search and then call, email or text from the app.
Free workshops worth £400
With thanks to partners that work alongside Connect Networking, members get access to a variety of commercial courses that have been chosen to help your business grow.
Wide choice of meetings
You can attend any of the meetings at the different locations - details of current meetings can be found by clicking here. You are not restricted to one group, you can attend any meeting as a visitor or member; giving you the freedom of choice.
Best value for money
Membership is £26 per month. You can try up to 3 meetings before having to commit to become a member. There is a money back guarantee if you don't feel you got value by attending. Value is the top reason people join the Connect community.
Not an "at you" meeting
Connect meetings are not scripted but engaging and interactive - you get a chance to be involved in informative discussions that are going to help your business grow.
Unique mass email facility
On becoming a member, you have the facility to communicate with all members (or individual groups) via a single email address that is kept up to date with current members.

Meet The Team

These are the people that support and make Connect Networking happen and be so successful.

Jacky Sherman
Jacky is a referral marketing specialist and is one of the people who offers one of her commercial courses free to Connect Networking members .
Paul Beesley
Beyond Theory
Paul is an expert in business growth through customer service, leadership & management and employee engagement. He also offers some of his company’s commercial courses free to members.
Julie Futcher
The Sales Manager
Julie is an expert in all things sales and Connect Networking is fortunate enough that she offers one of her commercial courses free to members.
Ali Moore
Ali is an empathetic but straight talking Coach who firmly believes that you can make that difference in any situation, put yourself back in the driving seat and see your dreams become reality.

Membership - No Annual Fee - Pay Monthly - No Contract

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled any time - you are not tied in. You can attend additional meetings over your subscription, you just pay for each one at £16.

Membership Fee
£26 per month Includes 1 meeting attendance
Sign Up Now
  • Access to member details
  • Mass email facility
  • Free workshops worth over £400
  • No obligation to attend
  • Active promotion on social media
  • Free listing in the business directory
  • No lock out
  • No pressure to refer
  • Fortnightly business growth video
  • Access to attendee lists
  • Member presentation slot
  • Not tied into a contract


What others are saying about us

"A perfect blend of networking, information exchange, 1-2-1's and open forum discussions without the rigid format and attendance requirements."

Derek Hettenbach Better Business Connections

"Yours has been the best group I have tried so far. I like the set up and agenda, it works very well, its non threatening and respectful (they are not all like that!)."

Mandy Evill Thinking Into Results

"Members are friendly, easy to communicate with and looking to support one another all the time. I'm making great new acquaintances with other business professionals."

Ashish Kumar Web Alliance Limited

"The best networking group so far. Just go once and you will definitely go again. Maybe it is the relaxed format of the meetings in which everyone can easily communicate and make connections."

Victor Petrescu Store First Northampton

"The meetings are well run, have a good structure without being too rigid and are a good environment for getting to know the other members and understanding their capabilities."

Jo Rhodes-Lewis Tangible Marketing Solutions

"As well as a means of generating business, I have found Connect invaluable as a source of support, information and encouragement; vital for someone new to the world of self-employment."

Steve Hunt Steve Hunt Reflexology

"The meetings are informative and I always come away having learnt something new. And the best part is, you have a lot of laughs along the way! "

Natalie Pewsey Your Virtual Assistant

"It is a friendly and supportive environment where there is a strong feeling of community. Paul runs the session with humour and genuine enthusiasm."

Kevin Robinson 13 Media

"Connect is professional and well timed with a social element - just the right balance. Paul is a friendly and welcoming host and encourages positivity, motivation,shared knowledge and skills."

Vivienne Joy Enjoyability Training & Coaching


Here are some interesting facts about Connect Networking:

0 Members (as of December 2017)
0 Percentage of women
0 Percentage of members who feel Connect offers value for money
0 Percentage of businesses over £100k turnover